Friday, 1 June 2012

Thing 5 - a reflection and a fresh start

This post has been a very long time coming...
I started the Things the last time the course was run, but as a latecomer I struggled to keep up, and when the course officially ended, my motivation started to wane.  But here I am, and I fully intend to do the Things each and every week... (intend being the operative word).

This weeks Thing of reflective practice has been quite a useful one for me.  Evenutally I would like to start the process of Chartership, but I've told myself to wait until I can find a permanent post.  So in the meantime I can view this Thing as a taster of what's to come.

I've decided to be predictable and simply reflect in the 23 Things course, and am using the 3 steps that were laid out.  (So this can be step 1, recalling it.)

Step 2 - evaluate it
Despite the long gap between posts which may suggest otherwise, I'm actually really enjoying the course.  I'm learning about online tools that I had never used before, and has helped me break into an area that I had never really tried before.  Before CPD23, I had never read a single blog, and had only considered them to a thing of fun rather than to be useful in a work capacity.  But since discover Google Reader I have now signed up to about 10 blogs, all library related, and all great for keeping me professionally aware.  I'm finding this tool great for me as I had been feeling a little isolated in my current post and it's helping me to keep up to date with what else is going on in the Library profession.
In terms of how this could help in the work place, I think Twitter could be the most useful application from what we've learnt so far.  We have an artefact of the month that doesn't reach a very wide audience, but if we could get people to follow the Library on Twitter and upload the think, I think it could be brilliant for making people aware of our Library.

Step 3 - apply it.
I am already applying my new found knowledge.  I have a Twitter account that I am trying very hard to remember to check, and as mentioned above I am heavily using Google Reader.  And I imagine that in the upcoming weeks I will applying more of what I have learnt to the work place and my professional development.

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